Thursday, 10 May 2007


What is your degree subject (both if joint)?
Does ‘Being Bad’ relate well to the other modules you are taking?
If so, how? And if not, why not?
Because you have to research on the background of the subject.
Have you found ‘Being Bad’ too demanding, too easy, or at an appropriate level?
Appropriate level
Do you think the list of topics covered on the module was appropriate?
Are there any topics not included in the module that you would like to see included?
Alcohol, Drugs, Domestic Violence, Stereotypes
Do you think that the format for classes has worked well?
What did you think of the module team?
Good range of lecturers
Do you think it would have been better to have had more:
Small group discussions? Yeah
Discussion and debate among the class as a whole? Yes
Information and talk from lecturers? Yeah

The approach taken in the module is interdisciplinary (drawing on perspectives from English Literature, Film Studies, Creative Writing, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Media Studies and Politics): do you think this a useful way of approaching the topics covered in the module?
N/ A
Do you think that interdisciplinary modules are a good idea?
Do you think you have benefited from the interdisciplinary approach taken in the module?
Would you like to see more modules that cover this kind of subject matter?
Are you planning to take the follow-up module PH2004 ‘It Shouldn’t Be Allowed’ at level 2?
Would you recommend ‘Being Bad’ to a friend?
Yes everytime
Do you think that the blogs (web logs) were a good idea?
What did you think of the other assessments (e.g. would it be better to have one longer assessment rather than two shorter ones?)?
Two shorter ones are better
What have you learned from the module?
Different things which are sometimes not seen as being bad are actually bad but sometimes not seen as being bad in the wider community

Wednesday, 9 May 2007


Bullying takes place mainly within schools and can happen at any age to any gender of person. Bullying may also take place within the work place and should not be tolerated. Bullying is taken very seriously and can have physical and emotional problems on the person that it affects whether it be a child or a person who s at work. Therefore bullying should never be tolerated at any cost.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Child Abuse

Child abuse always takes place within the child’s home and is not always reported to anybody. Therefore records of abuse matters may not show all the actual figures that actually occur within the home. Child abuse may not come from the child’s parents however it may also occur from a childminder if they get anger and lash out at the child. It my also be a parents partner that abuses the child. Also it may not just be physical abuse that occurs it may also be emotional abuse which takes place and this is always seen as more damaging than physical abuse.

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Monday, 7 May 2007

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a terrible thing to happen to anyone. Wheter it be in a home or in a relationship nthat has not been going for very long. It is mainly published as being women beaten by men but it can also be the other way around. Although this may not be reported so much by men because they think that they have a profile of them being tough to kep up whereas women realise that once a man has done it once they may do it again but it will be worse. therefore more women then men report domestic violence within the home.
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Friday, 4 May 2007


Gambling can be taken to two levels. This may be a small flutter on the horses as the saying goes or you could become completely addicted to the tables at casino’s, bingo or even the national lottery. Either way it is all classed as a form of gambling. A small flutter on the horses may seem like innocent fun to the person who is doing it for the first time but they may then become addicted to it and keep on placing bets which get higher in value even if the person loses each time.

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Thursday, 3 May 2007


Swearing can be seen in various ways. It can be seen as a serious thing or less serious depending upon the way that it is used. For example, if it is used while someone is having an argument it may not be taken as seriously as if someone says it you without any prior warning that it is going to happen. Also, swearing is covered within culture to protect children of the use of bad language; however it is more commonly used amongst teenagers than any other age group. Therefore showing that no matter how much you try to protect somebody from something it may never always work.

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Wednesday, 2 May 2007


Murder is the biggest thing which any one person can do which is the baddest thing. If caught after committing a murder you would be trialed and put in jail for a term no shorter than life. Life is meant to mean life whoever the judge may give you a time within years before you can apply for bail. This will always depend upon the severity of the crime. Sometimes as well the charge of murder may be downgraded to manslaughter depending upon the reasoning for the committing of the crime or if the crime was committed in a form of self defense.
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Monday, 30 April 2007

lying with integrity

Lying can be seen two different ways, it can either be seen as thou it is a good thing or a bad thing depending upon what the lie you are telling is about. Say for instance you tell your parents that you are going one place and doing one thing when you are doing something else and going somewhere else may not seem that bad. However, what if something happened to you while you were out? How would you explain that to your parents? This would seem to some as quite a big lie especially if you couldn’t cope with the consequences if you were to be found out. Then again there are little lies which may be told or even shown. This is because how many woman have you heard say, “just let me put my face on” before they go out? Well in a way this is a lie to people because they are not showing them true selves and therefore are lying with their appearance.
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Thursday, 26 April 2007

Bad Cinema

Bad cinema is the use of taboo subjects being used within cinema screeings, such as a film named Kids, which was released in 1995. The film is described as "a film about kids but not for kids". This is because of the content within the film, which includes teenagers getting drunk, taking drugs and even one scene where one teenage boy rapes another teenager after she has had her drink spiked the night before and does not know what is happening to her. This caused outrage within many countries where the film wanted to be released and therefore it was given a rating from an independent film compay so that it could be screened.
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Tattoo's may also be placed anywhere on your body but unlike piercing's they are permanent and your body cannot reject a tattoo the way it does with some piercing’s. Although you can get temporary tattoos but more recently more people have been getting tattoos. This may be because they think its cool but do they think about what they are actually doing to their body and what if they change their mind about the tattoo when they are older. It costs a lot more to have a tattoo removed than it does to have one and also it hurts a lot more than having one as well. However, some tattoos people have may be it not in this country may also be a ritual.

Body Piercings

Many people don't really have an opinion on peoples body piercings as they are normally only small and may only be in somebodies ear. Then again piercings can be taken to the extreme and be put in your nose, lip, bellybutton, anywhere really. Although your body may reject the piercing after a while if your body is not meant to have a piercing there, for example a piercing in the back or your neck may not stay there forever but it can be used as a temporary decoration.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007


Maturbation seems like such a untalked about subject. However research shows that masturbtion is done more than couples actually having sex. Or so it is said by the researchers any way. The only way we would be able to find out for ourselves is to do a research product ourself but then again would people always be truthful about such a taboo subject. For instance if someone came upto you in the street asking about your sexual practises woul you honestly tell them what you get up to?
But why must masturbation be such a taboo subject? After all eveeryone does it don't they? Many say that everybody does it but when it comes to people asking about what you do would you tell them if you did it or not? Many people may not be confident enough to tell a total stranger what you do in your spare time.

Response From Mandy about Adultery

Repose to Josie’s blog on adultery

I would agree with you, as adultery is morally wrong. People, who do it once, would do it again. I think the reason they do committee adultery is because they might find it exciting that they are getting away with it. That’s why if they cheat once would most likely cheat again.

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Thursday, 19 April 2007

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Respones to Josie’s theft blog

I agree with the points made in this blog. Even of people can afford to purcahse something at the advetised price, they would still choose to shoplift. As the main factor for this theft is the excitement of getting away with it. I also think the more times thiefs tend to commited this crime the beetter the chance they have getting away with it, as they get more experienced with evrey crime the commit.

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As we all know by now, Smoking is VERY bad for your helath!

Although there are still thoushands of people who are smoking, wheter it be one or two cigarettes a day or even upto sixty a da if they wont. So what makes them want to smoke so much?

It can either be for social reasos well being, they smoke because there friends smoke or it could be to attract people to them, i.e a woman may think tha aman may find her attractive if she smokes because tha is the way it is portrayed within films. However, if you were t a sk a man what he thought of a woman smoking you may be suprised by what you actually find.

Also we all know what the harmful effects smoking has on us, wheter it be through first hand smoking or through passive smoking which is being publiicised in the media alot lately. So which would you rather do? Die from first hand smoking or from passive smoking? I know if I had a choice I would choice neither but then again the world is never perfect and you can neveer have everything that you want, can you?

Tuesday, 17 April 2007


What do you think about adultery?
Not a question you are asked very often, but its one i'll be answering.
Adultery is a crime, it may not be illegal if you look at it from the law side. However, I see adultery as morally wrong and can sometimes wonder why people do it. You have to think do they do it for the fun or for the danger, then after youv'e thought about that you have to think how do they feel after they have gone back to their long term partner or husband or wife.
Then you have to think how would their partner feel if they were to find out what they had been doing? If it was to happen to me I would be devastated and wonder what i had done wrong for my partner to go out and seek 'fun' elsewhere. But, if you step back from the situation you have to realise that it is not something that you have done wrong its the person who is commiting adultery that is in the wrong, NOT you. Therefore you should not keepwondering what you have done wrong. But you DO have a choice of if you want to stop with your cheating partner or not. Just remember if you do stay with them, they have done it once, they could do it again!!!!

Tuesday, 20 February 2007


I think taking money off somebody when they are expecting something in return but not giving the person that something is not prostitution. However, I would see it as a type of theft as you are takin money and not giving anything in return for it. Some people may just see it as taking a gift from somebody, although it theyexpect somethig in return then the person may also think that the person was promising something in return for money but if they do not get what they are expecting they may also see it as being a ttype of theft.
However, some may see it as being either more or less socially respectable. I would say itis more socially respectable to not do anything for money as you are showing others that you have more respect for yourself and wouldnt lower your standards for anybody just for some money.

Thursday, 15 February 2007



I think that shoplifting is no different to any kind of theft as you are still stealing. However, it may seem to some as being less of an offence to shoplift than to steal, say for instance a car or something of high value. Although, shoplifting should still be seen as a crime no matter how much is stolen or what is stolen as it still affects a person's life. If someone was to steal from a small shop it would seem that you are affecting somebodies livelyhood, but some may say if someone was to steal from a large retail shop then it may not seem so bad as they may be albe to recover the amount lost.
I think people who can afford something shoplift because they may get an adrenalin rush or a feeling of excitemnet from doing it. They may also feel its the excitement of wheter or not they will get caught doing it and hat might happen if thy do. Although, if they don't get caught they may just continue shoplifting for the excitement and then become addicted to it.